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Good Morning!  Today is Monday, January 22nd, 2018.  

The menu today is: BBQ Rib or Spicy Chicken Sandwich, French Fries, Mixed Veggies, Banana or Apple and Milk

The Delta-Liberty Lions Club will be holding a canned food drive on Thursday, January 25 at the Delta-LC girls basketball game at LC and then on Friday, January 26 at Delta for the Delta-LC boys basketball game. The canned food collected will be used to refill the resources at The Open Door in Delta and the Caring Cupboard in LC. Please help support these local facilities and bring in your canned goods to either of these events!! ‚Äč

New Lockers: Make sure nothing is sticking out of your locker. Straps and such that are hanging out will make the locker more difficult to operate.

New Building Info:

  • Students entering school prior to 7:50 must stay in the auditeria or the front hallway until the bell rings (MS students may be allowed to access the second-floor balcony)
  • Students driving to school will enter through Recess/courtyard door - They will walk around the back of the building and through the small playground.
  • NO BACKPACKS or large purses are to be carried during the school day without office permission. Keep all your belongings in your locker and learn your combination.
  • No food or drinks may be eaten outside of the auditeria (this includes gum or candy). All edibles must be kept in your locker outside of lunch time. (failure to comply will be considered insubordination)
  • MS students shall only use the middle stairwell (across from the foyer) to travel between the 1st and 2nd floor
  • MS can use the NW stairwell (down by the science rooms) to go to Band, Choir and Technology classes
  • DO NOT OPEN ANY DOOR to allow someone from the outside to enter the building. All visitors should enter through the front entrance.
  • ALL VISITORS (This includes parents) should be escorted by an adult when in the building. If you see someone who does not belong ask them to report to the office and notify the office immediately.
  • Students should not go to guidance or the nurse without a teacher calling ahead to alert them. Any student who comes to either entity without prior notice will be sent back to class.
  • Gym shoes must be worn when participating in activities on the gym floors.


End of the Day

  • Students riding busses will be dismissed at 2:55 to load busses.
  • Students being picked up in the line should be dismissed at 2:55 and go to the Elementary entrance (door 2).
  • Drivers, walkers and athletes will be sent to the auditeria at 3:00 - They will be dismissed once the busses are on the road. 


Drop off Procedures: Watch videos on how Drop off will operate! DROP OFF


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by our teachers as November and December students of the month. Please report to the middle school office at this time to have your photo taken for the local newspaper!

5th Graders: Kyelar Kern, Abri Marcum, Tyler Ley and Kennedy Perry

6th Graders: Noah Gensen, Bea Barrett, Landon Smith and Elizabeth Ruby

7th Graders: Ronnie Klostermeier, Alexus Shaneyfelt, Cody McDougle, Kaelyn Gerken

8th Graders: Trent Bechstein, Lucy Jones, Evan Conrad and Makenna Kern

Students do not leave anything in your lockers at the old building. Take home your personal items before we move into the new building.

For videos and pictures of the new building, check out my Instagram page at LCMS_Principal 


School Safety:
Attention students that walk or ride bikes to school:  There should be absolutely NO ONE cutting between the Grain Elevator buildings before or after school. This is extremely dangerous with farm machinery traveling in and out.  You should only be using sidewalks to and from school.  Thank you!

Attendance update:
State attendance laws are changing and that will necessitate the school  change the way we respond to tardy and absent students. Parents will receive attendance letters from the school once a child has missed 38 hours of school in a month or 65 hours in a year. This letter will be sent if the absence is excused or unexcused. The school and the parent will be required to meet and develop  a plan for improvement in school attendance. If the attendance does not improve, then a court referral will take place.


Check out the Middle School Twitter page at @LCMS_Principal for updates that are going on around the Middle School. Go Tigers!

2017 - 2018 Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences. We had a great turn out. Please remember that you don't need to wait till conference time to communicate with your students teacher. If you have questions about your students academic progress, please feel free to contact you teacher. The preferred way for most communication is via email. All emails can be found on PowerSchool or here on the website. Again thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact the following guidance offices:

Elementary - Mrs. Righi 419-533-1207

Middle School - Mrs. Ahleman 419-533-1203

High School - Mrs. Braucksieck 419-533-6403

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