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The Reading Room is a Title I Reading Program.  Our reading program serves grades K-4 in the Elementary.  The focus of the program is to support classroom reading instruction while offering learning in a variety of ways. 
The program utilizes small group instruction as well as one on one assistance with the help of community mentors.

A new instructional tool that we have utilized to promote fluency in reading is the Read Naturally program.  "Fluency is an important component of good reading.  Fluency is highly correlated with reading comprehension.  The program was developed by a teacher to explicitly address fluency.  Research-proven strategies are used to help students improve fluency, support comprehension, and accelerate their reading achievement."  Students are taken to the computer lab to work on leveled reading materials 2-3 times a week during their reading room time.  The program is used in grades 2, 3, and 4.  Students in grades 1-4 come to the Reading Room 4 days a week, for 1/2 hour each day.  Students in Kindergarten come 5 days a week, for 1/2 hour each day.

Currently, the room is staffed with a Reading Specialist, Mrs. Karen Grove, and two paraprofessionals, Mrs. Donna Crozier, and Mrs. Sheri Stacy. In order for a student to receive reading help, certain criteria must be met. We evaluate those students who have been recommended by their previous classroom teacher.  These students are given a variety of assessments which help in determining eligibility.  Kindergarten students are given a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment called the KRAL, which, along with teacher input, aides in selection. This test was developed by the State of Ohio through research, and based on best practices in assessment and the Early Learning Content Standards. All of the reading instruction is planned by Mrs. Grove, the reading specialist, but is often implemented by our papaprofessionals and our community helpers, the reading mentors.

    The Reading Room consistently needs volunteers who are willing to give as little as 1/2 hour a week to our program.  These mentors will work with a single student in the area of Language Arts.  Depending upon the time you choose to come, your student could be in Kindergarten through grade 4.  A clear, consise lesson plan will be available for you to follow.  Please consider volunteering to mentor a child.  In order to sign up at any time, call the Reading Room at  419-533-4498.




Strategies & Data

How do I Help my Child to Decode a New Word?

  • Did it make sense in the sentence?
  • Check key words and/or picture clues.
  • Look for little words in big words.
  • Skip the word, but say the beginning sound, and read the rest of the sentence.  This is an extremely important strategy as it teaches students to use context clues.
  • Look and listen for letter patterns.





By the end of grade 1, students should be reading 40 wpm.

By the end of grade 2, students should be reading 90 wpm.

By the end of grade 3, students should be reading 110 wpm.

By the end of grade 4, students should be reading 118 wpm.





We have been working on a variety of skills and activities in the Reading Room. The Reading Room recently acquired 10 new IPADS which offer the students the opportunity to learn with "fun" programs. These IPADS are also being utilized by the classroom teachers in an effort to implement learning without paper and pencil. All of the students are excited about this new opportunity. In Kindergarten the students continue with expanding on their high frequency words, as well as creating a complete sentence. Rhyming still offers a challenge to the students so this skill is practiced each day through books, poems, songs, and games. First graders continue to build high frequency words and reading fluency. We encourage them to try 2 strategies with words before giving it to them. It is so important that students can "figure out" words on their own as they read in order for them to become more independent. In second grade we are exploring our stories more and trying to understand the author's purpose in writing the story. We are using the Read Naturally Program to build fluency in their reading. Read Naturally is also being used in third grade to build fluency. We have also begun looking at writing an extended response in preparation for the upcoming test. I have been able to get into the fourth grade reading classroom this year and teamed up with Mrs. Weber on several concepts such as main idea, theme, and a variety of reading skills. My job has afforded me the opportunity of seeing and working with students at all different levels. It is so enjoyable for me to see the children grow as readers throughout the years. What an exciting and wonderful job I truly have!
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